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10 Ways a Partition Office Will Transform Your Warehouse

Posted by Aaron Nicholas on

Do you want to upgrade your warehouse, create a great first impression to clients and increase satisfaction among your staff? Introducing a partition office into your building could do just this, as well as improving your business in a multitude of other ways, too. Read on to find out how.



1. Noise reduction

  • A partition office can be installed with soundproofing, so it is ideal if you are looking for a quiet work space. Warehouses can get quite loud, and it is beneficial to escape the busy atmosphere.
  • By blocking out noise, your office staff won’t be as distracted and are more productive.

2. Easy to clean

  • Trade spaces can get incredibly dirty and dusty, so luckily partition offices are quick to clean. Most installations have a smooth finish, so you can just give the walls a wipe.  

3. Aesthetic

  • If you want to quickly refresh and redesign your warehouse, a partition office is the answer.
  • Adding office partitions to your building will instantly make it more professional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • You will have a wide range of doors, glass, and finishes to choose from when creating your partition office, so you can easily convey your company’s image.

4. Utilise space

  • One upside of a partition office is that you can arrange your building in an efficient way. Optimise the space you already have instead of moving to a larger location.
  • Industrial premises are often vast areas and so partitions are useful for dividing them into sections.
  • Partition offices can also be built on mezzanine floors -  this leaves the ground below free for other uses.

5. Privacy

  • Partition offices allow for a separate working place for senior personnel or office staff.
  • Employees feel valued because they have been given their own personal space.

6. Versatility

  • Office partitions give you flexibility because they are demountable, which means they are not permanent structures and can be easily removed or reconfigured.
  • You can choose the style that suits your business, whether it’s for meeting rooms, administrative offices, or shop floor offices.
  • They are useful when you are renting because no damage or changes are made to the building.

7. Protect materials

  • Warehouse partitions can protect important stock from the unpredictable circumstances of a trade floor.
  • They keep paperwork clean and safe.
  • A warehouse partition makes the space more secure for high risk or expensive materials.

8. Affordable

  • Partitions are a lot cheaper than building permanent rooms.
  • There is no need for costly foundation construction.
  • It remains more cost-effective than other options, whether you want a permanent or temporary workplace. Whilst they can be more expensive than plasterboard partitions in the beginning, they are far easier and more economical when replacing damaged components. Damages are frequent in warehouse or trade environments, so they are a wise investment.

9. Safe

  • The partitions will improve your employees’ well-being by creating a barrier between them and the harmful pollutants and harsh working environments.  

10. Welcoming for clients

  • First impressions with clients matter and having a functional and comfortable office or meeting room, even in a warehouse context, will make a big difference.  
  • With an organised workplace it will be simpler for visitors to find their way around. Since the employees have their own offices, the client can easily find the person they need. It will also seem much more professional.

If you decide to invest in a new partition office for your workplace, Rack Storage Systems is the way to go. We are a leading storage solutions specialist with over 35 years’ experience providing partition offices, mezzanine floors, racking systems and more to the South East of England. Get in touch to find out more.

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