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Fire Protection

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Fire Protection for Mezzanine Floors

Rack Storage Systems offer the complete fire protection system for your mezzanine floor. As a general rule, mezzanine floors which meet the following, require fire protection:

  • The mezzanine floor exceeds 400 square metres.
  • Any part of the mezzanine floor exceeds 20 metres in length.
  • The mezzanine floor is in constant use, which often applies to office-use floors.
  • The mezzanine floor exceeds 50% of the floor space of the unit in which it is located.

Fire proofing is an important part of meeting certain building regulation applications, when advised, and our standard fire proofing will allow for a 1-hour fire rating to your mezzanine floor.

What's Included?

Our standard fire proofing will allow for:

  • All columns to be encased with a column casing.
  • Fascia board along the exposed edges of the mezzanine.
  • Suspended ceiling with tile panels.

RVS Pro-case Fire Protection 

We stock a full range of RVS products; suspended ceilings, column casings, fascia board. Please see our supplier brochures below:

Quick Quote

We can quote for fire protection as part of our standard mezzanine quotations. Please contact us to discuss your fire proofing requirements.

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